Firebird (music single)



shopping_cart_icon_small Firebird (single release) ARC-2581 by Christopher L. Burnett, BMI

FIREBIRD”, the first single, releases on Monday, September 1st exclusively at iTunesAmazon MusicGoogle Play and CD Baby. Featuring: Christopher Burnett – alto saxophone/composition; Roger Wilder – piano; Jeff Harshbarger – bass;Clarence Smith – drums; with Terri Anderson Burnett and Freda Proctor – flutes. The final mastering and mix by Craig Rettmer is truly amazing. Get some of this …

Thanks! Cb

shopping_cart_icon_small — at CD Baby on Monday, September 1st.


ARTISTS RECORDING COLLECTIVE (ARC) is an internationally recognized brand and professional recording label that emphasizes promoting and facilitating the distribution and utilization of the works created by our members. ARC provides a viable 21st Century Music Industry Platform for world-class talent!

Based in the Kansas City metropolitan area with its main office located in the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, ARC serves artists-producers and boutique record labels who require a dynamic and multi-dimensional platform to present their works and services in an environment that is not under compulsion or creative restraint.

ARC was co-founded on December 7, 2007 by alto saxophonist, CHRIS BURNETT; tenor saxophonist, ERICA LINDSAY; and, pianist, SUMI TONOOKA as a professional response to an inherent void within the music industry then.