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Selmer (Paris) Saxophone Artist; MARCOM Manager at American Jazz Museum; Professional Jazz Recording Artist; Composer; Educator; Entrepreneur; and, Businessman

B u r n e t t P u b l i s h i n g . c o m - Welcome to the official website for Christopher L. Burnett

ONE SHEET: Artist, Educator and Businessman


Photograph by Terri Anderson Burnett KMEA District II Honors Jazz (2015)

Photograph by Terri Anderson Burnett KMEA District II Honors Jazz (2015)

Cb1-byJasonPiggie2015 Photograph by Jason Piggie CHRISTOPHER BURNETT (2015)


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CbFaceHere is the link to the recent Dino Massa / Chris Burnett GROUP event on Friday, May 8 in the Blue Room where 102 people attended … We also performed to a large audience at the new Take Five Coffee + Bar on Saturday, May 9. We actually played different concert music for each performance. It was great to see so many of you at these concerts. And … more this summer – Check out this amazing ARC partnership event with the American Jazz Museum in July listed below! ARC affiliated artists presented 8 different concerts by 8 great groups.

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ARC Label Week RecapitulationARCPOSTER
ARC Label Week at the American Jazz Museum’s Blue Room in July featured two concerts each night by 8 outstanding groups
– MONDAY 6th was Alyssa Murray Trio; Mike Pagan Big Band; THURSDAY 9th was Sons of Brasil; Roger Wilder Quintet; FRIDAY 10th was Chris Hazelton Trio; Brandon Mezzelo Triptet; SATURDAY 11th was Marcus Hampton Sextet (with Kathleen Holeman); and the ARC Founders Quintet featuring Sumi Tonooka, Erica Lindsay, and Chris Burnett with Jeff “Siege” Siegel and Andrew Stinson. It was a resounding success – see ARC Blog…

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philosophy of improvisationthe faith in the purity of the long line; the avoidance of licks and emotional chain-pulling; and, the concentration on endlessly mining the harmonic and melodic possibilities within the music.

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Chris Burnett Quartet at Take Five Coffee + Bar: Roger Wilder (p); Seth Lee (b); Julian Goff (d); Cb (as/comp) | Composition: PERSPECTIVES (Legal Title)

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Christopher Burnett’s Artist Profile

How are jazz careers made?

Many have remarked on the big historical shift: musicians used to apprentice on the road with masters and learn the language firsthand, but those cultural conditions are fading, and the bandstand has been replaced by the graduate degree. There’s truth in that narrative, and yet it fails to account for the full variety of paths that players are taking as they strive to find their voice in this music.For alto saxophonist Christopher Burnett, the journey involved spending 22 years as a musician in the U.S. Army.

He left the service in 1996 — “I’ve been out nearly as long as I was in,” he says — and resettled in 2001 in his native Kansas City metropolitan area. Two years earlier, in 1999, he had released his debut recording, Time Flies, and in 2008 he followed up with Theme Music, both on the Artists Recording Collective (ARC) label that he cofounded with saxophonist Erica Lindsay and pianist Sumi Tonooka. Now at age 58, Burnett reaches another level of achievement with Firebird, showcasing a fine working quartet and a set of compositions rich in beauty, subtlety and sophistication.

There’s a remarkable lyrical ease and harmonic savvy in the compositions that make up Firebird, not least of all on the title track with its layered flutes and Latin-tinged rhythmic feel. Burnett’s legato eloquence and depth of expression on the slow 4/4 “Ballad for An Optimist” is another highlight. His choice of the inspired, metrically shifting “A Risk I Take,” by French horn virtuoso and colleague Mark Taylor, tells us much about his refined taste and interpretive abilities.

Excerpt from the liner notes by:
David R. Adler
New York, August 2014

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Christopher Burnett’s Summary

Business professional with extensive background in music, project management, promotion and arts-based business organizations. Broad technical knowledge of music, music instruction, and systems approach to management. Successful background in arts marketing and promotion. Fluent in web design, social media marketing as well. Diverse range of skills. Team player.

A native of the Kansas City Area, award-winning composer and saxophone artist, Chris Burnett began his prolific professional start and rose to prominence while leading, touring and recording with US military bands from 1974-1996.

During this era, Army band organizations required leaders to direct and manage all operations of a military company – fiscal, finance, administration, training, marketing and publicity. All of these business duties were mastered during the course of a career and performed in addition to and in conjunction with the daily conduct and performance of hundreds of professional musical engagements and concerts each year by the military band companies he was posted with.

Subsequently, Mr. Burnett is the 1995 5-Star Award of Merit Winner of the National Federation of Music Clubs for his original composition and arrangement for big band titled, Daedalus. He has also received numerous awards, letters and decorations for superior military service performance.

As an artist/businessman and modern thinker, Mr. Burnett was an early explorer of the digital music landscape. Through skillful and innovative promotion and marketing tactics, Burnett garnered more than a half million music downloads and sold CDs to fans in 38 countries via the original MP3.com (1999-2003). This was before most musicians had figured out that there were other ways than major record label contracts and brick-and-mortar retail stores to reach listeners with their products.

Burnett founded a retail music store business immediately after his military career and held an adjunct position as director of the jazz band at Missouri Science & Technology. He has served as Acting CEO and is currently Director of Marketing of the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, a professional jazz artist, music educator and businessman.

Professional musician, jazz alto saxophonist, composer, arranger, band leader, webmaster, educator and writer. Co-founded Artists Recording Collective – an American label brand that serves as a dynamic and multi-dimensional platform to present the works and services of a select roster of artists. Subsequently, Artists Recording Collective formally launched its first commercial CD recording release in early 2008 to critical acclaim and National Radio success.

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Cb visiting the campus of The University of Kansas at Lawrence with oldest brother Richard Dean, who played varsity football on scholarship, was a music major and elected the Vice President of his Class at KU. Photo by Terri Anderson Burnett, March 2013.

Cb visiting the campus of The University of Kansas at Lawrence with oldest brother Richard Dean, who played varsity football on scholarship, was a music major and elected the Vice President of his Class at KU. Richard is now based back home in the Kansas City metro. Photo: Terri Anderson Burnett, 2013.

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Returning home to the Kansas City metropolitan area in 2001, Mr. Burnett was quickly introduced to the realities of what was necessary toward engaging a professional performing artist career in music after completing 22 years with US military bands.

As an active member of the American Federation of Musicians (Kansas City Local 34-627) since 2001, Mr. Burnett remains an advocate for scene building activities that contribute toward working professional musicians having opportunities that produce a living wage, humane work conditions and fair treatment.

He attended numerous jam sessions in Kansas City’s 18th & Vine Jazz District at The Blue Room and Mutual Musicians Foundation, while accepting most any offers received for work as a woodwind player sideman in other musicians’ bands.

Mr. Burnett even enjoyed playing with semi-pro ensembles such as community wind ensembles or old-style big bands; and, he continues to do so when his time allows.

His first job as a professional leader, hosting one of the Blue Monday Jams at the Blue Room in 2004, took three years to obtain. Most venues rarely give opportunities to new leaders on the scene without their already having steady work – a paradox and ambiguous situation that most band leaders seem to face at some point.

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Ultimately, Chris Burnett’s first regular work for his own groups as a leader came in 2006 from The Drum Room, which is located in its original historic venue – the Hilton President Hotel at 14th and Baltimore in Kansas City. The President Hotel had just undergone a major renovation and was literally a new venue for live music.


A ground floor jazz opportunity. Mr. Burnett was a featured artist and maintained a residency on the First Saturday of each month for over two years. His group performs modern instrumental jazz, not watered-down in the least from a creative artistic perspective. A positive response to the music of CbQ developed through tangible support and appreciation from the local fans, the international patrons of the Hilton President Hotel and the management staff as well.

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APPLIED PERFORMANCE: CbQ spontaneous rendition of the classic jazz standard, “All The Things You Are” to start a set of background jazz music at the historic Drum Room in Kansas City…

THE DRUM ROOM – 2007 | ARTISTS: Chris Burnett, alto saxophone; Roger Wilder, piano; Jeff Harshbarger, bass; and Brandon Draper, drum set.

HISTORIC VENUE: The Drum Room Restaurant, located in the historic Hilton President Kansas City, is open nightly for dinner and drinks, and daily for lunch. The hotel is in downtown Kansas City, Missouri and is the Official Hotel of the Power & Light Entertainment District. It is just a short walk to the Sprint Center, within walking distance of the Kansas City Convention Center and ideally located across the street from the new H&R Block World Headquarters.

It was the year 1941, the cost of a postage stamp was three cents, the President of the United States was Franklin D Roosevelt, and Pearl Harbor was attacked on the pre-dawn hours of December 7th. The hotel President which opened in 1927 opened the Drum Room.

Imagine looking across the room and seeing such entertainers as Frank Sinatra, Count Basie and Benny Goodman. You may have even seen people such as Charles Lindberg, Ben Siegel or Meyer Lansky.

The Drum Room included a bar in the shape of a drum, and a full service restaurant which featured some of the countries hottest touring musicians. It was the age of Cuban cool, a strong influence of Cuban society was sweeping its way across the country, it was Kansas City’s place to see and be seen. According to a guest who visited the Drum Room in 1948 “it was just an exciting place to visit, it was the coolest place in town and everyone knew it”.

The Drum Room, now an upscale cosmopolitan restaurant & lounge, has re-opened and the atmosphere is just as cool as it was in 1941. Who knows, you just might feel the spirits of the Rat Pack or Duke Ellington when you swing by.

Other celebrity appearances in this historic venue include Sammy Davis Jr., Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, The Marx Brothers and Pasty Cline.



TODAY: THE DRUM ROOM | Once a very famous jazz venue, now is a restaurant and lounge only. Mr. Burnett played a standing gig there on the first Saturdays of each month for a couple of years. Having a regular place to perform helped introduce him to the Kansas City jazz scene and provided a regular opportunity to perform jazz with his groups. It was cool. It is a shame that a venue with such genuine history no longer has any live jazz at all.


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